What a fantastic company

J Smith, engineering

“Scott brought discipline and a systematic approach to our sales process. With his experience he has a number of customer profiling models and techniques that have been perfected over the years. He introduced this approach to the sales team right away and got them using it within a couple of weeks.”

— G. Elliott T., CEO, Aviation Equipment

“Greatly appreciate the experience, expertise, forward thinking and outstanding personal style to help our son with the business skills, planning and goal setting to continue the business success and to transition leadership.”

Tom C., Former President, Medical Product Company

“Their expertise in succession review, board governance, and leadership development has been exceptional. They were instrumental in improving relations with family and an independent Board. They are a great group of professionals that really listen and use their expertise to help achieve your goals. They are candid, honest and have tireless integrity.”

— Steve G., Logistics Company

“Thank you for all of your help this past year. It is truly amazing how much progress has transpired.”

— Greg B., Flooring Company

“Thank you for helping us lay a solid foundation for years to come. Most of all thank you for your support and guidance to me personally.” 

— Kory G., RV Dealer

“This is some of the best money a business can spend. If your team is high functioning and you can eliminate all the roadblocks and friction, your ability to have financial and creative breakthroughs as a brand is truly unlimited. You set us on a more authentic path and gave us all a sigh of relief.”

– Lisa J., CEO, Consulting Firm

“We partnered with TruNorth Partners on many levels. They were instrumental in ensuring a smooth transition from 2nd to 3rd generation. Great support and insights into our business. We are extremely grateful for all they did for us in the two years we worked with them. I would certainly recommend their expertise to those in need!”

— Karra B., RV Distributer

“For the first time in several years, we have the confidence that we’re on the right path to achieve growth, meet our targets and build a sustainable platform for the future.”

– Ed J., Former CEO, Agriculture Co-Operative