‘True North’, often associated with Polaris, is the star at the end of the big-dipper that never changes position in the sky and is critical in celestial navigation. Like Polaris, TruNorth Partners is a trusted way to navigate to your desired destination.

In transition? Struggling to create a clear path forward? Unsure of your next steps to take? TruNorth Partners specializes in helping companies discover where they are today, where they want to go, and develop a plan to get there. At TruNorth Partners, we help companies like yours find their way.

Family Business Transitions & Transactions

Creating a Clear Path Forward

Transitions, especially those in family businesses, are about understanding personal and corporate needs and dealing with both the soft (emotional) and hard (decision making) elements. At TruNorth, our work focuses on two aspects: 1) actively engaging in evaluating, aligning, and developing current and next generation leaders, and 2) preparing businesses for a healthy family business transition. Our tools provide us with clarity on ideal successor candidates, integration strategies, and tactical implementation. We are also great facilitators of financial transactions for the retiring business owner.

Succession Planning, Review & Leadership Development

Identifying Ideal Candidates to Steward Your Business

As the workforce ages, succession planning becomes even more critical. Within the next 10 years as much as 50% of all family businesses will go through transition. TruNorth Partners has developed a process to make family business transitions smoother and more reliable. By beginning with successor evaluations, moving through organizational alignment, into leadership development, and finally concluding with new leadership direction and vision, we help provide retiring owners with the confidence that their business will be in good hands.


Designing a Successful Destination By Examining Your Starting Point

We believe that you have to know where you are going and to know where you currently are, in order to identify and address the obstacles keeping you from getting to your desired destination. Our job is to thoroughly evaluate the current state of your business and its leaders by identifying strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. Only once we understand these aspects can we implement actions that achieve your goals and fulfill your vision. Through our business coaching and assessments, you’ll gain powerful and important objective information that clearly outlines the critical initiatives needed in the short and long-term.

Personal Growth

Powering Individuals to Perform

By partnering with TruNorth through executive coaching, you can power your organization with effective and 
impactful leadership. We’ll work together to optimize personal performance with individualized processes and methods that match your organizational needs.


Strategy and Planning

Creating Effective Roadmaps

Using our 30+ years of business leadership experience, TruNorth helps clarify the future of your organization and identifies the roadmap of success for your company. We focus on the organization as a whole, along with its leaders and individual team members. Our years of experience and expertise means our planning and strategies are precise and effective. We not only facilitate planning retreats, we ensure that initiatives turn into actionable business plans, key metrics, and successful strategies for sustainable growth and profitability. Most importantly, we help guide your team to full and effective implementation.

Optimizing Business Performance

Designing and Building a Highly Functional Organization

All too often, business owners get so focused on the people, they don’t take time to evaluate and improve the business itself. Our business resources, tools, and systems are broad and deep—assuring business health and sustainability. Our comprehensive approach looks at your people, market focus, purpose and vision, strategies, processes and systems, plans, resources, and your follow through. It’s our job to help you see what you may not see, and to help you do what you may not currently do.

Culture Improvement

Designing, Building, and Sustaining A “Best Place To Work”

TruNorth Partners works together with your staff to establish and align your organization’s culture to bring about the changes that lead to effective outcomes. Culture is not only a corporate-wide characteristic, but a team and individual one as well. Making sure that these three layers are in alignment deeply impacts the commitment, engagement, motivation, and ultimately, success of your company.

Revenue Generation

Tuning the Engine that Drives Your Revenue

Identifying and resolving revenue deficiencies and optimizing opportunities is the key to successfully growing your business. As you know, revenue generation is the lifeblood of any organization. We focus on strategic and tactical implementation with hands-on decision making to turn sagging revenue into significant growth. The outcomes are substantial, efficient, and effective.